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Aronia’s small dark purple fruit is one of todays most promising healing superpower berries. With over 100% more anthocyanin antioxidant power than any other fruit or vegetable.

Once forgotten and removed from the land by European Settlers who wanted clear fields for growing row crops. Prized by Native Americans who came before them and knew of the strong healing properties.

Aronia contains more of the same goodness contained in fruits you are already aware of. Fruits like cranberry, raspberry and blueberry or even green tea and red wine.

Anthocyanins are being researched and thought to be a key to preventing and slowing many of the everyday issues we are faced with related to health and aging, some of the areas which results are being studied are:

  1. Bullet Cardiovascular, C-reactive proteins, vascular inflammation, relaxes
         muscles in walls of blood vessels, and slows lipid oxidation

  2. Bullet HDL Cholesterol

  3. Bullet Certain cancer risks

  4. Bullet Glucose levels

  5. Bullet Liver heath and function

  6. Bullet Inflammation

  7. Bullet General immunity

  8. Bullet Reduction in severity of migraines

  9. Bullet Potential for improvement in certain eyesight problems

Proanthocyanidins are another powerful element contained in aronia’s goodness. Some of the research around Proanthocyanidins is looking at:

  1. Bullet Allergy production

  2. Bullet Internal sunscreen

  3. Bullet Blood vessels and circulation

Other great components within the aronia berry:

  1. Bullet Vitamins B6, B12, E, C, folic acid, quinic acid, phenolic acids, tannin, catechins,
         quercitin, rutin, hesperidin, resveratrol, and minerals

What can people expect when using aronia?

Aronia is a food, not a drug. Most people begin consuming one or two ounces of berries daily for a period of three to six months. Aronia Farms makes no health claims regarding aronia, each person needs to draw their own conclusion from research.

Using aronia is easy an inexpensive. Cost is not a barrier, it’s just fruit.

Aronia is easily integrated into smoothies, baked goods, toppings, breakfast cereal, and many other treats. An ounce of berries are only 32 calories.

It’s a food and they are good for the kids. People suffering from allergies may be an exception.

Aronia is widely known and consumed in Eastern Europe as a healthy fruit and beverage.

Aronia may also be good for ailing dogs and cats when incorporated into their food.

Aronia berries are so easy to incorporate into your life.

Try incorporating them in your diet for six months, what do you have to lose?

Research: We encourage you to look up the chemical components of aronia (listed above) on the internet. Check out Wikipedia, PubMed, and others. You will be amazed at the level of scientific research already done. It is also amazing to see where the research points. One interesting result after another.

For example; here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia on Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is also found in black raspberries to a lesser degree...          

   “Cancer research on anthocyanins is the most advanced, where black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis L.) preparations were first used to inhibit chemically induced cancer of the rat esophagus by 30-60% and of the colon by up to 80%.[23][24] Effective at both the initiation and promotion/progression stages of tumor development, black raspberries are a practical research tool and a promising therapeutic source.”

We have provided some links to get you started:


Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. These statements are solely the opinions of individuals who have tried aronia berries. Results in individuals will vary.

Aronia has greater Anthocyanin potency which helps protect cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals lead to diseases of rapid aging and a host of other issues.